The National Green Tribunal on Friday descended vigorously on the Delhi government for reporting the odd-even plan beginning November 13 as a measure to fight rising contamination levels in the National Capital Region. In an announcement, the NGT said the zenith court never requested burden of this plan and pummeled the Arvind Kejriwal-drove government for not finding a way to check contamination in the city. It said the AAP government is depending on the plan notwithstanding reports from CPCB and DPCC that it was incapable.

“Odd-Even recipe can’t be forced this way. Nothing has been done from your (Delhi govt) end since the previous one year. SC never requested burden of this plan. SC and NGT have recommended 100 measures to check contamination yet you generally decided on odd-even. Delhi government should legitimize the usage of this plan,” read the NGT articulation.

The green body contended that the administration is endeavoring to execute the plan when the circumstance is enhancing, adding it may make burden individuals. “At the point when circumstance is enhancing, the administration is endeavoring to execute it. You ought to have done this before in the event that you needed to. This will now make burden individuals,” the announcement additionally read.

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