Shashi Tharoor, the Congress MP, is pretty famous for speaking out his heart on the issues that matter to him. Who can forget the way he demanded the British to apologise to India for robbing it of its resources and leaving it in a pathetic condition? He is undoubtedly one of the best speakers that we Indians have to represent the country on international platforms.

Just recently, in a Q&A session, a Pakistani student asked Shashi Tharoor his views regarding what happened in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan earlier. She also asked whether he doesn’t think that India may also be looked as an “Inglorious Empire” for ruling Kashmir while Kashmiris are fighting for freedom.


Shashi was as usual at his best and while answering the young lady, he ridiculed the formation of Pakistan as it was based on a religion which was absolutely unacceptable to the Indian community.

Here is the video in which you can watch Shashi Tharoor ripping apart the whole of Pakistan while answering the girl’s question.


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